03 September 2012 The House Construction - Ground Up
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The Construction of the house itself starts with the construction of the garage and we work our way up. The garage walls as per above are constructed with the use of concrete blocks which are reinforced with steel bars filled with concrete. The choice to use these blocks rather than standard bricks is due to their structural integrity. Given the site is ready and prepared, the bricklayers take no time in getting the house off the ground. Once the garage is built the scaffolding is brought in so that the bricklayers can start on the ground floor. The main house will be constructed from full brick and what this means the walls are made from bricks set in mortar and they provide the full wall with no steel or wood structure to help hold the building up. Unlike brick veneer which usually means a wood or steel framed structure with a outside covering of brick set in mortar. The reason I have chosen with a full brick construction is due to its several advantages in addition to weatherproofing, heat and property value. It is fireproof, termite resistant and energy efficient. In addiction brick is incredibly stable and requires no maintenance. Given the site and the foundations of the house are rock (sandstone) concrete footings do not need to be poured. The bricks are layed directly on the rock. The walls go up fast.

With the brickwork almost complete the plumber is called on site to mark out and set all the plumbing that will need to penetrate throughout the concrete slab. This means that the plumbing for toilets, drains, grates, water etc need to be set in place and in order to do that the specifications for the toilets and the plumbing for the chosen basins and positions and layout need to be determined. Once the plumber has put these in place and the concrete is poured, you are stuck with these choices. So even so early on in the build the fixtures such as toilets, basins need to be selected. Once the walls are up and the concrete is poured, the ground floor takes shape.

The Brickwork continues throughout the site from the construction of planter boxes to the construction of subfloor areas, and we prepare ourselves for the biggest concrete pour this construction will see.

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