27 August 2012 Exclusive Wallpaper Debut

The Yellow Room is so thrilled to launch a brand new collection of wallpapers, Juju Papers. On a trip to New York, I came across this unique  collection and I just had to bring it to Australia. Juju papers is exclusive to The Yellow Room, and Im happy to say that prices are not crazy expensive and delivery is available as soon as 2 weeks.


I love the simplicity yet elegant designs and the subtle  use of colour is particularly endearing. I have specified the use of these designs for various applications, and it has been particularly popular in nurseries, kids bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. I think you’d agree they’re totally gorgeous.


More about Juju from Juju…:)

JUJU is a small wallpaper studio located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Founded by Avery Thatcher in 2010, we have taken great care to develop a line of wallpapers that are beautifully crafted, and that have as light of an impact on our natural environment as possible. Every roll is printed by hand, is untrimmed, and in most cases has been made to order. We print with water based inks on creamy, durable, sustainably harvested paper. Primarily inspired by folk art of all kinds, our designs suggest the simplicity of an elegant old-fashioned signature, or the impossibly perfect collection of driftwood and sea glass on the shore.

The word juju means ascribing magical powers to inanimate objects, most commonly objects in one’s home. Everyone has a bit of this in their lives – the coffee mug that you love to reach for every morning, the wool sweater that you can’t seem to get rid of even though you long ago lost the privilege of wearing it in public, the toddler’s beloved blanket. They are all touched with a bit of our own personal magic. The word juju has it roots in West African traditional religions, and was made known to the world as Joujou by French colonials. Avery went to a few juju houses in West Africa fifteen years ago, and when the time came to name her company, she found that she had the word at her fingertips to describe the feeling that she had about the product that she had been developing over the last five years. Good juju.

Juju Papers bring a fresh, not over-wrought or over-thought, gesture to the room. Jujupapers express sanguine richness – a kind of richness that is defined by good company, conversation, laughter, and love.

Bring some good Juju into your home with our spirited prints.

Give us a call at The Yellow Room to see samples.

498C Miller St Cammeray NSW 2062



Looking forward to unveiling more soon.

Love TinaCx