13 June 2013 Double R Studios releases new collection


The Collection features 5 new designs; Floriana, Hellena, Valetta, Calypso, Bellus.

Floriana - Ionian Sea
Available in 3 colourways
Hellena - Azure
Available in 3 colourways
Valetta - Brilliant Sea Available in 3 colourways
Valetta - Brilliant Sea
Available in 3 colourways
Calypso - Amethyst Available in 3 colourways
Calypso - Amethyst
Available in 3 colourways
Bellus - Olive Available in 3 colourways
Bellus - Olive
Available in 3 colourways

Please enquire at The Yellow Room for samples and details.

13 June 2013 Inside Job

With the house  now mostly watertight, we can start working to make the interiors more of what we expect them to look like....liveable.

During this stage the following works will be taking place:

  • Install Insulation This includes both roof and wall insulation. Although the wall insulation will be installed before dry walling the ceiling insulation may be installed following ceiling board installation.
  • Plasterboard installation This will include ceiling boards, wall boards and cornices (if any).
  • Air conditioning / Ducted Heating If a large main unit is mounted in the roof space it may be installed before the ceiling boards are in place. The ductwork will follow ceiling installation.

However, before plastering and/or rendering commence on the inside walls,  all services that are to be roughed in or fitted prior to walls and ceilings being finished. These include plumbing, wiring, a/c, sound system and wiring, security and intercom. Its a busy and stressful few weeks on site for me with the contractors working out exact positioning for plumbing, i.e. exact position on basins, taps, toilets etc. And then busy with the electrician marking out the exact positioning of power points, switches and also deciding on 2 sway switches, dimmers how many and where, which switch will turn on which light,  so on and so forth. This for me is the most mundane of tasks. It requires hours on site with the pressure of not just making the decision quickly but they are really important decisions and can make all the difference between making a room work well or making mistakes that will be a cause for endless frustration on a daily basis.

Boys Bathroom Ensuite Bathroom

All decisions on bathroom PC's including toilets, basins, tapware need to have been made prior to this time as the plumber will need exact specifications to ensure the right allowances are made. Also with the lighting, the electrician will need a very detailed lighting and power plan as well as specifications of all electrics including all lights, heated towel rails, underfloor heating, fan, exhausts, kitchen appliances etc.

The workers are all 'chasing each other' to finish so they can start. Its a time and labour consuming job for the trades as they all feel the pressure of carrying out the works with good pace while ensuring all particulars are carried out to the clients/home owners instructions.

This is also the time when other fixtures need to be decided on and signed off to allow enough production or manufacturing time to fit in with the construction time line. For instance, the kitchen and joinery designs need to be locked in and finishes chosen. We need to allow time for the materials to be ordered plus the manufacturing time. This particular home will require custom joinery throughout, from everything from the kitchen, entertaining  units, study, wardrobes, linen cabinetry, vanities and mirrored shaving cabinets. I have been given a 6-8 week time lead time. Fingers crossed we will be ready to install once they are ready.

With the internal staircase, the design and finish need to be finalised so that manufacturing can take place. Up to this point the access to the 2nd floor has been via a ladder through the scaffolding. The staircase will be fitted with temporary treads and will enable the trades and contractors to have better and easier access across all floors. For the staircase, the design includes a black steel and timber open riser stair. We have been given a 3 week lead time for work to commence on site.

Next on the list are the following, which I look forward to covering in the next blog entry...:)

  • Waterproofing Wet Areas This is applied to floors and walls before tiling
  • Carpentry – First Fix This sees the kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanities installed. Doors, drawers, and counter tops are often left off at this stage. Skirting boards and architraves and internal window sills are also installed.
  • Main Plumbing Fixtures Baths, basins, sinks shower trays and laundry troughs are installed and connected to the drainage system. Taps, mixers and toilet bowls are usually left off until after tiling.
  • Tiling Both wall and floor tiling are normally completed at this stage.

Happy reading