01 November 2012 Now it flies....

It took so long to get out of the ground, but once construction has started its hard to slow the boys down. From week to week the changes are jaw dropping.

The pouring of the concrete for our first floor which includes the kitchen and living areas, level with the rear yard is a big one and probably the most exciting stage of this development so far. The concrete spans all the way from the front balconies, vertical columns down to the ground floor, the living areas, all the way to the rear courtyard.

The concrete is pumped into the prepared formwork and steel reinforcement. The pour is complete in a couple of hours and the boys work fast and hard to even out the concrete, removing air pockets before the concrete starts drying. Within a few hours it will be ready to walk on. After years of planning, and all the preparation to this point, it is indeed a tremendous feeling to walk across the floor of what will be the most used area of the whole house.

But theres no time to rest. Scafolding is erected on the slab to which will be used from now until almost the end of construction to assist the bricklayers, roofers, carpenters, renderers and painters to carry out their work until the finish. The bricks have been craned up to the site and the bricklayers are on site within days to start bricking the external and internal walls. Given we are building in double brick we are only dealing with the one trade at this point, and therefore the job flies.

Now you really get the chance to start feeling the spaces and the way they work. The window heights and sizes become apparent, as well as doorways and room sizes.

Within 4 weeks, the form workers are back to start preparing for the 2nd floor and final slab. With a job as involved as this, planning is the key. Planning for the trades to be working on different parts of the site while not stepping on each others toes allows for an efficient worksite.

Planning ahead, the cabana and stairs to the rear are also formed up whilst the bricks are work to allow these areas to be concreted at the same time as the 2nd floor slab.


Keep your eye our for the final pour...:)
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