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Interior Design

Synonymous with style and sophisctication, tina.c design has been guiding homeowners to transform the way they live. If you are after a total design transformation from early renovation planning through to furnishings, Or whether you need advice on colours or plans, tina.c design will ensure you receive the utmost professionalism and overall satisfaction.

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The Yellow Room

Take a look at some of Tina C's work in the field with our interactive gallery, comment share and let us know what you think.

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Tina Chalabian is the Director of the Interior Design and Planning studio, tina.c design and visionary behind her homewares and furnishing concept brand The Yellow Room.

Tina Chalabian, has been transforming interiors into award winning spaces for over 10 years.  With her distinctive style synonymous with sophistication, luxury and elegance, and  background in property development, Tina Chalabian has the experiece and vision to turn spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also practical for everyday busylives.  Tina's expert attention to detail and design strenqths have  earned her a great reputation amongst peers, educators and most importantly her clients.

"With the emphasis on aesthetic appeal, it is not uncommon to find that many interiors that look great don't actually function very well. When you are designing and planning a renovation project or new home, it is critical that the design works in a funtional and practical way." Tina Chalabian explains, "My aim is to create spaces within a home that are not only designated for specific purposes, but spaces that work on their own as well as have a seamless flow with the rest of the house. Spaces that are beautiful and practical in both function and form."

From early planning stages all the way through construction and finishes stages, the skills and creativity the team at tina.c design bring will ensure your next project is a stress free and enjoyable one. Guiding homeowners on style and elegance in her own unique way, Tina explains, "Home renovation and design allows us the opportunity to really tune in and focus on the way we live and also think about our needs of today as well as forecasing the changing needs of our family and lifestyles. Planning and expert advice are the most crucial aspects of any re-design or renovation project."

Tina is an active social networker and is available to interact on both facebook and twitter.